XPO Marketing Group firmly believes in the "Work Hard - Play Hard" concept as a fun way to achieve success and our Ticket Partners at Metro Tickets play a key role in making that happen. Metro Tickets is one of the fastest growing ticket companies in the nation. XPO Marketing Group is very proud to see our long time friends reach this status after over twenty years of hard work and dedication to their clients. XMG is now joining forces with Metro to take Music Concerts and Sporting Events to a new all-time high level with the introduction of our new "VIP EXPERIENCE" series of events nationwide. These special events will launch at the "VIP SUPER BOWL XLIX" in 2015 and will be followed immediately with the "VIP TEXAS CONCERT SERIES" along with more exciting events announced as the year rolls on. Metro Tickets is proud to offer everyone......
Product: Tickets for any type of Event
Status: Nationwide Customer Base
Established: 2003 / 11 Years 
Our XMG Ticket program offers our Sales Reps the opportunity to make commissions on every ticket they sell to any event Metro Tickets offers nationwide even if the event is in a different city than the one you live in. We do by tracking your sales through your personal ID Code entered by your Customer at time of their on-line order. Larger higher priced event ticket orders such as the Super Bowl will need to be handled personally by you to ensure proper representation of sale and receipt of tickets to their hand. Commissions will vary depending on the actual event but will average 10% of sold ticket price.


Our "VIP EXPERIENCE" packages are the first of its kind and is already in high demand at both our major public and private Music Concerts and excitng sporting events of both the professional and collegate levels. These VIP Experince include PRIVATE LUXURY SUITE seating hosted by our XPO Models and usually either back stage passes to meet the Artist or on field,  court or Private Club access to a fun after party. Ticket prices vary with these events depending on Artist and Team ticket demands.


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