XPO’s marketing concept is designed to provide Companies an outsourced full service “turn key” marketing team without the in-house overhead. These efforts will utilize our techniques learned over the many years experience producing major events for the Hawaiian Tropic marketing system as well as our cross-promotional efforts with many other major brands such as National Lampoon, Playboy, Maxim, Hooters, MTV, Budweiser, Dos Equis, and the NFL Network to name a few.
We have adopted the strongest strategies of each of these powerhouse Brands and incorporated it into our XPO formulas of successful tactics and synergies that we call "Social Crowd Marketing".

​XPO’s primary goal and objective for our Partner Brands is to aid in creating an overall marketing plan that will expand the existing demographics and attract others to fill your voids. XPO also provides our Clients with the ability to benefit from our existing Hollywood / Celebrity relationships along with an on-going supply of fresh face quality Models to serve as your Promotional Models around the country.