Our XPO ModelXPO Management program was created for both professional and aspiring Models along with Photographers, Make-Up-Artist and Stylist to increase their career success, provide supplemental support income and parlay any achieved fame or noteriety into continued revenue earnings long after leave the Modeling Industry.
Over our 20 years in the Entertainment Industry primarily in Hollywood, NYC , Miami and Las Vegas, we have witnessed firsthand the need for REAL Contacts and Marketing Resources to advance your career.
In addition, we have also realized that there is a major survival need for a reliable supplementary income source with flexible work hours so you may concentrate on auditions and actual bookings rather than late night waitressing or bartending that drains your valuable limited time and energy away from your origional mission at hand....and XPO has it!





  • Own your own Business!
  • Be your own Boss!
  • Part Time or Full Time!
  • Totally flexible work hours schedule!
  • Work whenever you like!
  • Work however much you want!
  • Work from home online!
  • Only requires a cell phone / computer / internet!
  • No daily auto or travel cost to an office!
  • No daycare cost for young children!
  • No office space overhead or utilities!
  • No employee salaries or payroll taxes!
  • No insurance or un-employment liabilities!
  • No College degrees, licensing exams or Fees! 
  • No bank loans, credit lines or investors needed!
  • No product purchases, inventory or storage! 
  • Minimum risk of liabilities and dreadful stress!
  • Maximum cash flow and profit margins!
  • Enjoy additional home based tax benefits!
  • Enjoy a financial freedom based lifestyle!
  • Enjoy many entertainment and travel benefits!
  • Build a reliable retirement fund that you control!
 Minimum risk with maximum returns is always a winning formula for SUCCESS!

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