The Internet and Social Media phenomenon continues to skyrocket at an unprecedented pace in today’s society. What began as a novelty concept for young adults to socialize and communicate has now morphed into a completely new way of doing business in cyber world.

While many expected social media to be just another fad, it is currently proving to be here to stay since more than 50% of the world’s population is under 30 years old and now even the older demographics have embraced this form of communication as well.

We believe that it is now imperative for all Brand's to have a very active presence in that space to remain competitive in their industry. XPO has created a complete "Social Crowd Marketing" program that is "Demographic Specific" utilizing our vast reach though our many years of developing extensive contacts and resources. Each of our marketing programs can be customized to maximize our reach into our Partner Brand's targeted demographics and provide a serious boost of support for your in-house Sales Force.