XPO Marketing Group is a multi-faceted marketing company that is rooted in the entertainment industry and has evolved into many other areas of commerce. What began with our seventeen years as Producers of the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Model Search program overseeing twelve States and eight Countries, we were able anticipate this ownership transition and position XPO to carry forward with these proven “guerrilla marketing” strategies into our XPO Social "lifestyle Osmosis" Crowd Marketing programs. Our company base location in Hollywood, provides us the unique opportunity to value add the Celebrity association “Star Power” component to our arsenal through our decade of Entertainment Industry networking efforts.

We take great pride in the way we have formatted our program to maximize the results of our Partner Brand's marketing efforts and enhance your Customer’s product experience. Everything in our XPO Marketing Programs are designed with our Partner Brand's product first in our objectives and initiatives. Our programs are also designed to provide marketing events and strategies that fit every level of our Partner’s budgets and desires. Each program can also be customized to fit any particular brand’s goals and objectives. Our XPO program is truly designed as a full service “turnkey” marketing program to support your Company sales team’s efforts.

XPO constantly pursues all types of marketing strategies to promote the brand names including both the conventional promotional and competition formats, while we continually explore and develop additional online viral marketing efforts which are undoubtedly the wave of the future. As a result of implementing all of these concepts, we should realize greater Customer acquisition results in a more cost effective manner.